Natural Subsistence Product Post Strong Sales Gains

“PhytoKran and Green Tea Extract are two of our most well-known and effective supplements,” said Zonar. “People across the American market are learning about how Natural Subsistence products can support their long-term wellness goals.

Natural Subsistence, a company that has developed a variety of dietary supplements, is gaining ground in sales among consumers who have a range of health and wellness goals.

Two of the company’s most-popular products are its Green Tea Extract and PhytoKran supplements. The Green Tea Extract contains pure ingredients and quality nutrition with a content of 98 percent polyphenols. Because of this, the supplement allows users to harness all the power of green tea. This ranges from powerful free-radical fighters to boosting metabolism and increasing brain function.

PhytoKran is specifically designed to enhance women’s health through the clinically proven antioxidant Proanthocyanidin. This naturally powerful supplement comes with a myriad of benefits from improving urinary tract health and skin elasticity to boosting the immune system and bolstering cardiovascular health.

“We believe so strongly in our amazing products that we offer 110 percent back guarantee,” said Anson Zonar, CEO and owner of Natural Subsistence. “Every Natural Subsistence product undergoes intense testing to ensure its effectiveness and excellence. Our products are making an impact on people’s daily lives. We expect that to continue as our brand presence in the United States grows.”

Natural Subsistence has earned the loyalty of many health-conscious consumers because of its focus on obtaining the highest-quality ingredients possible to use in its products. The company makes it a habit to analyze recent clinical studies to determine which combinations of ingredients will be most effective for producing the desired results from the product. As a result, Natural Subsistence is able to develop products that help consumers achieve their health goals in a natural and sustainable way. Its supplements target health goals from improving athletic performance to sharpening mental acuity.

The company’s products are listed on major retail sites like, as well as sites geared specifically toward nutritional products, such as…

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