Nashville Auto Accident Lawyer Offers Tips on What to do After an Auto Accident

In a car accident? Immediately get the healthcare needed for any injuries to help properly document your case.

One of the most important things for a car accident victim to do after the car accident is to immediately get the healthcare needed for any injuries. If possible a victim should see a physician that has been seen before this event so a before-and-after physical condition can be documented. If a new injury requires seeing a certain specialist, the victim should go see that specialist. First of all, to get the needed healthcare to get better, but second of all, so medical records begin to document as soon as possible after this event, what the new complaints are, and how bad it was, and what doctors think about it.

Otherwise, the insurance companies on the other side are going to claim, the complaints are being made up, or that the injuries weren’t as bad as claimed to be, because the victim didn’t go to a doctor for help. So get that healthcare as soon as possible, for both health reasons and to help any future claim.

One of the second important things a person needs to do after a car accident is while still on the scene, is cooperate fully with the police officer or officers who come investigate. That is the initial group of people who investigate what happened and importantly document what people say, and what the officers see at the scene. So whether it’s information about what happened, the speed they we’re driving, what someone did in crossing over into a lane, or what other things may have led to the accident, that should get preferably communicated by the victim to the officer at the scene. Otherwise trying to claim those facts later will have much less credibility to support a case.

Another important thing to do at the accident scene, and if the victim is physically able, is to use a smart phone to take pictures of things easily visible that one might forget later. Damage to the victim’s vehicle or to other vehicles, any obvious physical injuries or bruises that already exist, what lane of traffic parties were in, nearby traffic lights or traffic signs, or even something as simple as what the weather is like that day. The best way to remember those, and let others see that information…

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