MyCloudIT Launches Automated Migration Tool to Support Customers Transitioning off Microsoft Azure RemoteApp

It was the easiest migration we’ve ever done

Conexlink, provider of MyCloudIT, today announced plans to support customers transitioning off Microsoft Azure RemoteApp with migration services at no cost.

Quick, easy transition from Azure RemoteApp

With the winding down of Microsoft Azure RemoteApp on August 31, 2017, MyCloudIT aims to provide a simple decision for existing Microsoft customers in search of an alternative solution. Therefore, MyCloudIT is offering migration services at no cost to remain in Azure through the MyCloudIT platform, offering:

  • Seamless end user experience
  • Enhanced management capabilities
  • No minimum user counts or upfront costs
  • Excellent customer service

Test and deliver an alternative solution in hours with automated migration services and tailored customer support. MyCloudIT utilizes remote desktop services deployed on Azure IaaS to ensure customers enjoy all the benefits of Azure.

Simple, low-risk alternative

Whether you have one or tens of thousands of end users, MyCloudIT provides a comprehensive and affordable end-to-end solution for delivering any app to any device on Azure. With free migration services and no upfront costs, there is low risk and minimal cost for existing customers to find their Azure RemoteApp replacement.

“It was the easiest migration we’ve ever done,” said Chandler Julian, CEO of ERISA Partners. “We migrated five legacy applications with customer data over three business days. So far it’s been a great user experience, more admin capabilities, and similar cost to Microsoft Azure RemoteApp.”

No-cost, automated migration services

MyCloudIT has spent years developing expertise in Azure and looks forward to working closely with any existing Azure RemoteApp customers to assess their specific needs and provide a tailored solution.

James Riley, CEO of MyCloudIT wants to ease the pain of customers dealing with a retiring platform and “that starts with a seamless migration facilitated through our newly built automated migration tool. And with our existing management platform, we believe MyCloudIT provides the best alternative for existing Azure RemoteApp customers to successfully manage and grow their user base.”

Any existing…

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