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When I became a mother for the first time, I read many articles and books about child rearing. One conclusion I reached was that a structured and orderly routine will build a solid foundation and instill a sense of security in a child. My expectation was that the feeling of security would gradually evolve into self-confidence.

As adults, we also need to rely on a daily dose of normalcy in order to feel safe. We adhere to our daily routines, because, at least, we can control our own activities. Events in our communities, cities, and around the world are out of our control, but knowing that our government is reliable enough to provide us with basic safeties, such as clean water, breathable air, uncontaminated food, and other public safety measures instills in us a feeling of relative security.

Ever since Donald Trump became president, I have lost the feeling of safety and security. I am not able to rely on rational policies that look out after my concerns. While I try to live my life, with a self-imposed structure and order, I feel anxious, nervous. The source of my feelings is now apparent to me: It is the utter lack of rationality, predictability, sanity, decency, and mental stability that Mr. Trump has demonstrated from day one. Not knowing what he will do or say next makes me feel fearful and sense that I am not “in good hands.”

The constant inconsistencies, the daily barrage of lies and spins, the continuous spread of hatred, bias, anger and blame that have become part of our daily lives, have left me exhausted, tired, and angry, and above all afraid. Here at home and around the world, safeguards for the environment are being eliminated, racial tensions are on the rise, global rifts with allies are widening, challenges with our enemies are being played out in an alarmingly irrational manner.

On top of all the disastrous decisions that have already been made, all the reversals of rules and regulations that were put in place to ensure our nation’s safety, we have a person in charge of our country who is not only unwilling to unify us, he actually is at his best when he uses his divisive rhetoric to ignite anger, hate, and racial tensions, deepen the rifts even more. Unwilling to genuinely denounce the racist elements of recent protests, the president has given permission for actions and social behaviors that used to be totally unacceptable. He has promoted institutional racism, most recently by pardoning a racist sheriff in Arizona, who had been…

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