My advice regarding choosing corporate awards.

What should we be looking for when we are choosing the awards for our corporate presentations? Are there any things we could look out for, that may indicate good purchases? Buying awards for is going to be like buying anything else. You get what you pay for. That doesn’t mean that there are not any “bargains” to be had, or products that are being sold are all over priced. However, crystal, quality crystal, is not cheap. High quality pewter and Nickel awards, also, are not going to be cheap either. The questions will be, what sort of impression to you want your awards to promote to both the recipients, and those who you are trying to impress enough to want to win next time? How do you want to protray your company to your staff?

Quality crystal awards are most common now for those looking for a high class, and also prestigious atmosphere to their presentation evening. There are plenty of companies that probably charge too much for what they are selling. Cut crystal tends to offer the best “look” and the impression of quality.

Pewter, used alot in tankards and goblets, are a safe bet. Presentation boxes can make a pewter tankard loo all the more impressive when they are presented. Polished pewter, to me, looks a lot better than dull unpolished pewter. You can get Nickel plated and stainless steel tankards and goblets, but these just don’t seem to be as attractive as their pewter compatriots. You could always go for solid silver or gold products. The cost will obviously be a lot more expensive, but the value of that prodcuct in a presentation will be obvious to those winning it, and those who you are trying to impress enough to want to win next time themselves.

Having either the crystal or pewter awards engraved can sometimes make an ordinary product, that much more impressive. Company logos can be engraved, as can the names of the recipients. This personalises that product to the winner, and makes it a more personal affair for them too. Engraving costs can often…

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