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Has anyone really explained why, having to babysit two NFL teams around here at this point in our history, all of a sudden it means there has to be a “Fight for L.A.?”

The transplanted San Diego Chargers and nomadic St. Louis Rams have been given orders by the NFL schedule-makers to stage home games at temporary housing facilities in Southern California on a Sunday that for years has been set aside in these parts for the Grammy Awards at the Microsoft Theater in L.A. Live – that Staples Center-adjacent area where someone once thought they could build a new football stadium but couldn’t push it through.

And because of all this, we’re led to believe this is some kind of Karma-geddon — punishment because we begged the NFL to please give us a couple of franchises since our Sundays were otherwise void of substance and purpose.

Yeah, now we have an embarrassment of riches. Emphasis on embarrassment.

The Chargers admit guilt in coming up with this fight-club mantra. And if you must know, the first rule of “Fight for L.A.” is that if no one talks about it, maybe it won’t really exist.

“It’s not about fighting any other team in the market,” Chargers new VP of public relations man Josh Rupprecht, a former word framer at UCLA, had to tell USA Today this week when it tried to figure out what it all meant.

“It’s about understanding nothing is going to be given to us by fans in the market place, and we’re going to have to earn their respect and support. We don’t just expect it. We’re going to work for it. It’s a very blue-collar approach.

“We’re fighting for the support of the fans.”

Did the Rams and Raiders ever support the idea of a battle royale back in the ’80s and ’90s? Or was it obvious that using the word “fight” would have been taken too literally by Silver and Black followers?

Have the Lakers and Clippers needed to duke it out in a hallway to prove how one will always be far more inferior to the other? Do the Dodgers still hold a naming-rights grudge against the Angels because they’ve continued to borrow the “Los Angeles” prefix in a 714 area code violation? Do you see UCLA and USC wasting their academic brainpower with such meaningless banter?

The “fight” will likely be determined a TKO before the first bell sounds, since the attendance at the USC-Texas game in Exhibition Park in prime-time Saturday viewing will be more than the combined total of Rams-Washington at the Coliseum and Chargers-Miami…

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