Must have Windows 8 apps

Windows 8 is available on most of the systems and mobile gadgets. it is needless to say that now majority of users own Windows 8 enabled gadgets or systems. Touch enabled devices top the list of using Microsoft Windows. However, you can only fully enjoy the experience if you install apps that support the software version.

Global Connect app

Skype is the most popular platform of interaction across the globe. The best thing about this app is that it lets you communicate to another anywhere. In the initial setup of Skype will seek your permission for using webcam that will run on the background. You will be able to see a full screen view of your chat partner. You will be able to make full use of touch interface and full features including multi-party calling. You will be even able to utilize the ability of screen sharing while in chat.


If you own a tablet without Twitter then it seems that you are lagging behind in technology. Even though the People app is similar to Twitter and fetches you updates from Facebook but it is not enough. You need an app that will help you communicate and share on a wider platform. Twitter is available as the native app that contains numerous features. It comes with add-on’s that are not available on other platforms. This app is integrated with other apps like Share charm that enables in tweeting from another app. You will be able to create a collage of pictures and tweets from within your own tweets. Additionally to make it available you can even pin it to your screen to enable live update feeds from Twitter.

Book Reader

For all those who enjoy some reading and fine literature but are tired of staring at screen Audible comes as a solution. As the name suggests Audible is an app that enables in giving you the audio of the text. It is basically a book-reading app that is designed by You need to sign in and browse through the catalogue of audio-books. You will find books that entertain you, humor you and even give…

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