Movies Set a Trend for Fashion Wear and Accessories

Movies have the capability to make a star and what could be better when you watch your favorite movie star dress up glamorously and ooze sophistication. They become your fashion icons who inspire your dressing sense. Stepping out with confident can only boost your self-esteem and make heads turn for all the right reasons.


I love the way Audrey Hepburn looked in the classic 1957 blockbuster, Sabrina, which portrayed a young girl coming of age who returns to France as a woman with a new look and of course, with that wardrobe that any girl would die for. This is where Hepburn forged an association with fashion and her wardrobe featured part Edith Head and Givenchy.


And who could forget the stunning Vivian Leigh in Gone with the wind? In this, if you ignore one of the most memorable scenes of that era, in which she had dressed up in an emerald green curtain, the movie had gorgeous fashion moments that made her a fashion icon almost instantly. Remember the Scarlett wedding dress and Twin Oaks barbeque dress? It is the sheer genius of Walter Plunkett that brought to life those unforgettable moments of fashion that are admired even to this day.


If you look at the trend of fashion wear, fashion bags and accessories, the basic structure remains intact. In fact with fashion, history seems to repeat itself when you watch the ladies of the famed Sex and the City (2008) dress up in the classic collection reflecting color and shapes that catapults you to the 1970s. This is one of those movies that you can never leave out from the list of ‘Movies which inspired a new fashion trend’. This movie was a constant stream of style statement, bold and beautiful, which inspired me. Be it designer brands, shoes, fashion bags, accessories- it had all. Even better, the four main celebrities were seen dressed in outfits that matched every occasion. They did not even spare the nightwear.


The Notebook (2004) was packed with the best of 1940s fashion replete…

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