Movie review: Macabre ‘Indivisible’ tells the story of a pair of exploited conjoined twins

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Angela Fontana and Marianna Fontana in “Indivisibile.”

“INDIVISIBLE” — 2½ stars — Angela Fontana, Marianna Fontana, Massimiliano Rossi, Gianfranco Gallo, Gaetano Bruno, Peppe Servillo; not rated; Broadway

It isn’t often that a new release will remind you of an obscure cult film from the 1930s, but Edoardo De Angelis’ “Indivisible” does exactly that.

Released in 1932, director Tod Browning’s “Freaks” shared the macabre tale of an exploited group of circus sideshow artists who take revenge on their fellow performers. The film’s message was that true ugliness is on the inside, but “Freaks” is mostly remembered for the director’s use of actual sideshow performers in his cast.

“Indivisible” isn’t quite so garish, but it follows a similar sentiment, showcasing a pair of conjoined twins who seem to face exploitation wherever they turn.

Viola (Angela Fontana) and Daisy (Marianna Fontana) are literally joined at the hip, and ready to face adulthood now that they’ve turned 18. Under the tutelage of their taskmaster father Peppe (Massimiliano Rossi), the girls have channeled their unique circumstances into a blossoming music career, performing Peppe’s original songs at various local events. But more offers are starting to come through, and since Peppe tends to gamble away all the girls’ earnings, they are tempted to spurn his guidance.

One offer comes from a priest named Salvatore (Gianfranco Gallo), who wants to feature the girls as part of a traveling ministry. Viola and Daisy are already beset by various locals who are convinced that merely touching the conjoined twins will bring them good luck and in some cases actually heal their infirmities. Though they are a little uncomfortable with the role, Salvatore’s offer at least ties into the girls’ sense of religious devotion.

A second offer is equally exploitative, but on the opposite side of the religious spectrum. Marco Ferreri (Gaetano Bruno) is a wealthy entrepreneur who lives on an expensive pleasure boat filled with fetish-obsessed characters, and he thinks the girls will make a perfect…

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