Moulton Elementary Garden Center teaches students to dig their veggies – Orange County Register

It’s unusual to see a bunch of third-graders excited about eating their vegetables, but at Laguna Niguel’s Moulton Elementary School’s Garden Center, they’re ecstatic about them.

Next to a sizable garden and huddled around a picnic table on a recent morning at Moulton Elementary, some 15 third-graders have plates of raw vegetables in front of them. The lesson plan is “eating the rainbow.”

“What’s the first color of the rainbow?” PTA member Melanie Cooper asked the students.

“Red!” the children eagerly answered back.

Cooper asks the children what their favorite types of red fruits and vegetables are, and the students all raise their hands, with a few who answer “strawberries,” “cherries,” and “beets.”

Learning about produce and gardening is a part of class that every student at Moulton Elementary gets to take once a week for 30 minutes. The school’s garden center and program, which started last year, has inspired students to care about where food comes from, why it’s important and how growing your own food can be fun, Principal Jackie Campbell said.

“The focus really is getting students to understand what it means to grow food and then eat it,” Campbell said. “It sets a foundation as they go into (upper levels) where they’re deepening their understanding and applying that to other areas of science and math.”

Four years in the making, the garden center was created by the help of Moulton…

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