Motivational Stories to Launch Your Idea, Business or Next Career”

Honest, genuine, and truly on your side: that’s Sanyin Siang. ~Susan Cain, Author of New York Times Bestseller ‘Quiet’ and Founder, Quiet Revolution

Why is change from the status quo so tough to initiate? Whether you’re changing careers, launching a startup, or introducing a new idea, the simple fear of failure prevents many from ever taking the first step. Contrary to most how-to leadership books that focus on the nuts and bolts of launching a new pathway, in “The Launch Book,” author Sanyin Siang argues that the key to a successful and sustainable launch lies in adopting the right mindset. Published by LID Publishing ( as part of the popular Concise Advice Series, “The Launch Book” offers change-seekers compact inspiration for building confidence and increasing the odds for success when attempting any new launch.

Author Sanyin Siang is able to draw upon her wide range of experience—from co-founding and leading the Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business to advising top CEOs of Google Ventures—to provide her readers with the tools, inspiration, and motivation to become better, stronger, more authentic—even happier—versions of themselves. Short, punchy chapters titled “Be Brave,” “Find Your Mentors,” and “Timing” conclude with reflective exercises designed to bring the reader’s authenticity and passion to center stage.

Written from a place of great honesty and comforting vulnerability, Siang is able to personally connect with her readers like few leadership authors can. “This is my first book,” she writes. “Despite having written dozens of thought-pieces that have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, Huffington Post, and LinkedIn, getting started on the process of writing a book was new, different, and uncomfortable for me. The sheer existence of this book proves the viability of its concepts.” By masterfully curating her own experience with wisdom from an impressive assemblage of industry leaders from Apple, HP and the NFL, Siang gives us a wonderfully practical field guide for success.

“Honest, genuine, and truly on your side: that’s Sanyin Siang. In ‘The Launch Book,’ she offers compelling stories, married with…

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