Mother of glamour model Chloe Aylin hits back at those doubting her account of being ‘kidnapped’ in Italy

The mother of the British model allegedly kidnapped in Milan has rushed to her defence amid claims by her former agent that she may have been “misled by someone”.

Glamour model Chloe Ayling, 20, told Italian police she had been kidnapped, drugged and smuggled into Turin in a bag, where she was held by her alleged captors for six days whilst they attempted to sell her on the Dark Web to a buyer in the Middle East.

However, details of her harrowing ordeal have been questioned by friends and associates, with her ex-boyfriend, who is father to her son, raising doubts over the validity of her account.

Meanwhile, it is understood that detectives are continuing to probe into why Ms Ayling agreed to go shopping for shoes with her alleged captor without raising an alarm or trying to escape.

The scepticism surrounding the case has incensed her mother, Beata Ayling, who yesterday lashed out at the people “making up lies” about her daughter.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Mrs Ayling said her daughter was still recovering from the “terrifying ordeal”, adding that she hoped she would soon speak out in a bid to silence her doubters.

“People are making up lies about my daughter,” she continued. “She is recovering now after what has happened. It has been terrible for her.

“It will all come out when she is ready to speak out against these lies. She has had a terrible few weeks. As her mother, I was very worried and just want her to recover so she can speak out against the lies.”

Her comments follow a blistering attack by her lawyer on those seeking to create doubt over her ordeal.

Speaking yesterday, Francesco Pesce said that whilst Ms Ayling’s account of being sold as a sex slave by the shadowy cyber gang Black Death seemed “incredible”, those disputing the claims were “just evil”.

Chloe Ayling speaks with the media outside of her house in Surrey, England

Meanwhile, her agent Phil Green said that Ms Ayling was telling the truth because the images posted by her captives on the Dark Web pictured her without makeup – a situation he claims that she would “never agree to” unless made to by force.

However, a former agent of Ms Ayling’s, Carla Bellucci, yesterday appeared to question her decision to sign up with a new celebrity agency days after returning home.

“As a friend I want to believe her,” she said. “I was supposed to see her yesterday, but she’s signed with a new celebrity agency and they’ve told her not to talk to me.


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