Mother-daughter team pulls double duty on used bookstores in Orange and Buena Park – Orange County Register

Two used book stores, one in Buena Park and another in Orange, have been offering up a treasure trove of used books over the last year, courtesy of the latest in a long line of mother-daughter business duos.

Owned by Adele Canetti and her daughter, Rachel Winter, Dollar Book Fair in Buena Park and Bargain Book World in Orange have enjoyed success since opening. The former was bought by Canetti last year, and performed well enough to open the Orange store in May. A full-time financial advisor, Canetti brought her daughter on as a business partner.

The pair are the fifth consecutive generation of mother and daughter business pa

rtners in their family. Canetti and her mother ran a china and silverware business, the generation prior had a dress shop in England, and the generation before that sold tapestries, ribbons and lace out of a cart as Russian immigrants to England.

It wasn’t a matter of tradition – each generation’s mother and daughter just happened to fall into business with each other, the latest duo said. Their case was no different: both women were raised in a house of readers, so a book business seemed to make sense.

“We’re selling knowledge,” Winter said. “I think overall, it makes people more worldly. They get a better sense of what life is like for other people.”

Now, under her mother’s wing, Winter is working toward taking on leadership of the stores.

Between both locations, the pair deal with a supply of tens of thousands of books, with new ones placed out on shelves every day. The Buena Park location is older and more well established, but the Orange shop is swiftly expanding, the owners said.

Before hitting the shelf, each book is thoroughly cleaned and all stickers removed. Books are organized by genre and subgenre on one of the shops’ sprawling bookshelves.

The women see their competition being e-books and online services such as Amazon. They buy hundreds to thousands of books at a time, enabling them to price their books for $1 to $3 each. Customers can walk out with an armful of books for the price of a fast food meal, they said.


“People literally say ‘thank you for existing,’” Rachel Winter said. “We hear that line so often.”


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