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This goes without any second opinion that Pasta is not a new term in this modern world as it is highly in demand when it comes to fast food. They are actually very tastefully prepared from the unleavened dough of the flour along with water but sometimes egg and the vegetable extracts are also added to particularly enhance the taste. Some of the varieties also contain the ravioli and tortellini as the key ingredients. The term pasta is actually used for all those particular dishes which include the pasta products as main ingredients. It is usually served with the sauce. Although the different cultures and the different countries have their native pasta varieties but most famous and the most popular recipes of pasta actually come from the country of Italy. There are different shapes and local names which are recognized for them for example, macroni and spaghetti (thin strings), maccheroni, fusilli, and lasagne. The word pasta has been very meaningfully derived from a Greek word meaning barley porridge sprinkled with the salt.

In Italian culture the dry pasta can be made only from the durum wheat flour or the durum semolina. These flours are very much responsible for the yellow tinge of the pasta. The Italian pasta is very traditionally cooked in such a manner that it is not very soft and tastes great. Outside Italy, the dry pasta is prepared from the various types of the flour and cooked in such a way that it particularly becomes soft. The various varieties of the wheat flour are very much available which contain the different proportion of the gluten and the protein in the right mix. Some pasta varieties also contain the buckwheat flour as well. The fresh pasta also contains eggs. The whole wheat pasta contains more fibre content than the refined pasta and is very popular in the modern world. The oldest known noodle like the food or pasta was popular in China. The pasta restaurants India are in great demand and witness huge footfalls. This reveals the demand for pasta among the Indians. One of the most prominent pasta restaurants India is Pizza Hut India.

Pasta is generally served with the delicious sauce and the type of the sauce and pasta combination depends entirely upon the variety and the ease of eating. The common sauces used in the Northern Italy are pesto and ragù alla bolognese which are served with the delicious meat as well as with pasta. In Central Italy tomato sauce, the amatriciana and carbonara are commonly used sauces. In Southern…

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