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We’re back with our big board. This topic got us off track. A big warning if you’re trying to buy a puppy on-line. The better business bureau said the ad you’re reading is likely a scam. Who’s likely to become a vict? And what brand might they use to lure us in. They’re trying to add a new member to the family. You see the picture on-line and fall in love with this cute dog. It’s a dog that does not exist and not coming home but your money is already gone. Reporter: Puppies like yorkys and fren sh bulldogs some of the most popular breeds to adopt. Go on-line searching to buy one. The better business bureau says beware they’re the most popular lurers for scammers. I don’t think it’s possible to do a search on-line for a pet or puppy without running across one of these sites. Reporter: That’s what Danny Shelton said happened to him. He paid $700 to buy a dog on-line. I got an e-mail from a shipping company that said you’re required to pay $1,500 additional. The shipping company was the same guy I bout the puppies from and knew I was scammed. Better bu business bureau thinks 80% might lead to scams. They’re warning anyone searching for a puppy on-line is likely to encounter this fraud. The scammers insist on e-mail and refuse requests to meet in person. I don’t think you can avoid is scam on-line. The only way to be sure is see the puppy in person. They think it’s wide spread at this point. Tens of thousands of victims out there. Most likely victims are young folks who do everything on-line. I don’t need to see the dog. I see the picture right here. It seems natural to do things on-line. The dog is — you want to get a feel for the animal and see it in person. They fall in love with the picture. Some tips and to your point the other thing why the scam works is the price is solo it’s so enticing. If it’s too low — if it seems to good to be true it probably is. Another thing seems like common sense. You got to see the dog. Don’t do it if it’s not in person. Don’t wire money. As soon as you do that that’s cash. You’re not getting it back. Do it on a credit card. If this happened to you, do you have any recourse? You’re probably not getting your money back….

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