Mortuary shut down after rotting, moldy bodies discovered

A crematory in Carlisle, Ohio had its license suspended after inspectors found bodies that hadn’t been refrigerated properly.

The Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors said it received an anonymous complaint about Premium Mortuary Services last Thursday.

“The complaint stated that Premium Mortuary Services LLC had non-refrigerated human remains at the facility so that is what triggered the start of the process,” said board president Jon W. Rettig Sr.

An inspector who was visiting the business on Friday found 15 violations. A report released by the board stated that the “licensee’s continued practice presents a
danger of immediate and serious harm to the public.”

The inspector said there were 18 bodies inside. Fifteen were adults and three were babies. He said he found seven bodies that were not embalmed and not properly refrigerated.

“There is a part of the state law and rule that state that a crematory can only hold the remains, if it’s un-embalmed or un-refrigerated for eight hours,” Rettig said.

The report states that one had mold on the face and neck area, another’s face was beginning to mummify, and a third body had severe decomposition along with multiple maggots living on the decaying body.

“During my tenure on the board, I have not seen any violations like this from a crematory,” Rettig said.

According to the report, one cooler had a temperature of 68-degrees and another was at 62-degrees.

When a body is preserved though refrigeration, it should be kept at temperatures below 40-degrees to delay decomposition.

The report said, “The owner admitted that the three-person cooler had not been functioning properly since Wednesday,

July 26, 2017. When asked specifically about the walk-in cooler, the
owner did not answer.”

Misty Rose Blevins’ mother Tammy Blevins died on June 27. According to the death certificate, the funeral home the family used had Tammy Blevins cremated at the Premium Mortuary Services.

The crematory only does cremations and deals with funeral homes directly, not the public.

“We pay a lot of money for these things. We expect our loved ones to be treated with love and respect, and this is the most disrespectful thing that I’ve ever read about,” Misty Rose Blevins said.

She said she thought her mom was taken care of properly, but now she’s not sure.

“It’s sickening,” Misty Rose Blevins said. “Just thinking she may have been neglected that way is disturbing to say the least.”

The report from the board shows…

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