Moringa Wellness will bring its “miracle tree” Moringex product line to U.S. consumers

Energy Bars are one of the new Morgina Wellness products that will soon be available in the United States.

We believe that health is not a privilege — it’s a basic human right. Moringa helps people improve their health, and Moringex makes Moringa loads easier to take as regular Moringa just doesn’t taste that great.

International nutrition-based Moringa Wellness is launching its “miracle tree” line of Moringa products into the United States marketplace, containing delicious combinations of food with the company’s Moringa extract known as Moringex.

Moringex was developed using a technique involving reverse osmosis and spray drying of the highly nutritious Moringa leaves, creating a water soluble extract six times more potent than regular Moringa powder. Moringa Wellness cultivates natural, organically grown plantations in Malawi and Zambia, under fair Trade Practices, with an exceptionally high protein content of 30.5 percent per serving (SGS verified).

“Our Moringex takes Moringa to the next level,” Moringa Wellness Chairman and resident food scientist Grant Momple said. “It’s a tasty, functional food that lets Moringa leave the health food store and go mainstream. While Moringa is certainly not going away, it doesn’t taste good even if you add honey or other masking flavors.

“Moringex has the same nutritional properties as Moringa, except more concentrated, with the added benefit of being totally water soluble (which Moringa powder is not) and can be used in beverages and other applications where solubility is a requirement.”

The Moringa tree, also known as the “miracle tree” and “tree of life,” has been used medicinally since 2000 B.C. And the tree, though slight of build, grows incredibly fast — up to 15 feet in its first year. It’s also drought-resistant, and shows promise as a potential biofuel, making it a highly sustainable African resource.

A serving of the tree’s leaves has seven times the vitamin C found in an orange, four times the amount of calcium of milk and four times the amount of beta-carotine found in a carrot. Moringa is high in protein and low in fat, gluten-free, and packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, folate, fiber and various…

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