More Than Enough Mangia For Everyone

The Meatball Chronicles

“…it’s where we celebrated our joys and hide our sadness; all of it is told through my recipe for a meatball. And everyone wants to eat at the end.” Debrianna Mansini

Mansini and her Meatball Chronicles is proud to announce her most recent collaboration for the FringeArts Festival with Casta Diva, just a few steps from Rittenhouse Square. The Italian BYOB is a warm Italian style eatery with dishes inspired by tradition, much like Mansini’s show. Chef and owner, Stephen Vassalluzzo has an aesthetic that matches Mansini’s love for food and family, so the pairing is perfection. Mansini herself is thrilled. “I cannot wait to see what Chef Stephen has in store. His love for locally sourced ingredients is in total alignment with who I am and what I do in my own kitchen. And since people who see my show are usually hungry by the end, I am certain no matter what he prepares, anyone who dines there afterward will have a very memorable evening.”

The Meatball Chronicles follows one woman through sometimes heart wrenching and often humourous meals, that align with stories of her childhood, her relationships with men, and in particular, her complicated relationship to her mother. No matter what your family heritage, Mansini crafts this piece in a way that transcends her own story into universal themes that anyone who has a family can identify. “Even though the story is personal, I think everyone can relate to some part of it- the familial relationships that struggle through immigration, mental illness and love. I personally see everything through the lens of food – as I say in the show, it’s where we celebrated our joys and hide our sadness; all of it is told through my recipe for a meatball everyone wants to eat at the end.”

The Meatball Chronicles is an intimate solo performance by film and TV actress Debrianna Mansini (Crazy Heart, Breaking Bad, and Better Call Saul).

WHAT: Fringe Arts Festival presents

The Meatball Chronicles

By Debrianna Mansini

WHERE: CSz Philadelphia at the Adrienne Theater

2030 Sansom Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Casta Diva

Phone: 215.496.9677

227 South 20th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103

WHEN: September 10 @ 5:30pm

September 11 @ 7:30pm

September 12 @…

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