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The media are the lifeblood of most successful companies are often the most difficult to control. There is a direct relationship to the success of any organization to its ability to meet the changing needs of residents and customers. Management of telephone call charges, fees and equipment, and traffic over Internet Protocol, and the use of the Internet and discounts from suppliers a difficult task. Most communication managers need tools to allow administrators to monitor, evaluate and predict, and the allocation of management services and communications expenses.

Means of communication to evolve at a rapid pace. Accounting is usually call the cornerstone of the solution from the Department of Communications full (CMS) to allow customers to follow up and treatment and distribution transactions, communications (analog, and voice and data).

Is delivered in general communication processes to the call accounting systems where this information is processed in real time, or abstracts submitted to a central server to consolidate multiple locations.

For many years, been monopolized long-distance traffic by major phone companies. Today, the field of alternative services is complex and competitive, and airlines for long distances and strategies of discount countless confused most of the customers on the best savings available. There is a strong call accounting system provide a summary of rate structures is biased using a concrete historical comparative.

Customer relationship management is essential to the success of many organizations. CMS uses the information from the appellant’s delivery system, phone line for a full analysis of incoming traffic. These reports help to develop regional campaigns, and network planning and call center staff.

Network performance is essential in the call center, emergency service distribution, hospitality, government, or even small business. Call accounting produces statistics on the use of the service, and safe and quality,…

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