More Euro Trouble Brewing In Portugal, Ireland

ff LISBON, Portugal (AP) – Political and economic danger signs flashing in Portugal and Ireland threaten to punch a hole in the European Union’s attempts to contain a financial crisis that has gripped the continent for more than a year.

Europe has already provided billions in bailouts to keep the Irish and Greek governments from going bankrupt. With Portugal now teetering on the edge of financial catastrophe, and Ireland’s upcoming election unsettling financial markets, an ominous new phase in the biggest emergency in the 17-nation euro’s history could be opening up, menacing the livelihoods of millions of Europeans.

With Portugal apparently unable to rid itself of punishingly high borrowing costs demanded by spooked investors, chances are growing that the debt-laden country will become the next to need a bailout from the eurozone’s rescue fund. On top of that, a top official says the country could face a double-dip recession, with unemployment already at record levels.

In Dublin, the election later this month raises the prospect of opposition parties shifting the burden of paying bad bank debts from taxpayers – that is, voters – onto investors, many of them foreign, who hold the banks’ bonds. Such a move could not only unravel last year’s Irish bailout deal but, perhaps more dangerously, undermine banks in the UK, France and Germany which lent heavily in Ireland and constrict bank lending in general.

Any new flare-up could spread to vulnerable – and bigger – eurozone countries such as Spain, Belgium and Italy, as bond investors fear countries may not pay their debts. That drives up borrowing costs and, in a vicious spiral, makes it even harder for indebted countries to pay.

Despite those dangers, European leaders are moving more slowly than expected in coming up with what to do about improving their management of the crisis and have put off a possible decision until next month.

“The eurozone debt and banking crisis could be entering a fresh phase and the markets are…

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