MoneyGuidePro® and Riskalyze Integration Helps Advisors and Their Clients Bridge the Risk Gap

Together the Risk Number® and MoneyGuidePro’s risk tools allow advisors and their clients to evaluate and understand how much risk a client wants, has and needs to reach their goals as defined within their plan.

PIEtech℠, creator of MoneyGuidePro®, today announced the completed integration of Riskalyze’s Risk Number® into MoneyGuidePro®. Fully understanding clients has become ever more critical to acting in their best interest, and helping clients understand how they would react to short-term portfolio risks can help them commit to and focus on their long-term plan. This integration brings together MoneyGuidePro®, which has created more than five million plans with over four trillion in assets, and Riskalyze, which measures risk tolerance and portfolio risk using a Nobel prize-winning framework, and offers the risk alignment platform founded on the Risk Number®.

Riskalyze focuses on eliminating emotional reactions to short-term risks, helping advisors set expectations and enabling clients to stay invested for the long term. Individual securities and investment portfolios are assessed using Riskalyze’s six-month, 95% Probability Range. This way, advisors are able to align a portfolio’s Risk Number® with the investor’s Risk Number®. MoneyGuidePro® focuses on helping clients create quality financial plans with clearly defined expectations, concerns and goals. Within MoneyGuidePro’s software, the loss/risk tolerance tools measure individual and household risk, the complete portfolio’s risk performance in the long term and a client’s probability of success. Helping clients focus on the likelihood of reaching their goals can make them less reactive to market fluctuations.

“MoneyGuidePro® is excited to be integrating with Riskalyze because it allows the advisor to seamlessly capture a client’s Riskalyze Risk Number®, and display it on MoneyGuidePro’s household loss tolerance slider.” Tony Leal, President of PIEtech℠, said. “The synchronization of clients’ risk scores across platforms will undoubtedly enhance the planning experience by eliminating redundancy and providing more precise results.”

Together the Risk Number® and MoneyGuidePro’s risk tools allow advisors and their clients to evaluate and…

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