Mom accused of drugging 8-year-old to death over ‘prolonged period of time’

An Iowa mother is accused of drugging her daughter, Kathleen Tafta, 8, over a “prolonged period of time,” causing her death.

Glenwood Police arrested Misty Frazier, 34, Monday afternoon on two felonies; child endangerment resulting in death and distributing a drug to a minor without a prescription. Her bond has been set at $35,000 and her preliminary hearing will be Oct. 2.

Kathleen, nicknamed Kadie, was a third grader at West Elementary in Glenwood last year when she died. She died Oct. 19, 2016 after having a drug-related seizure.

“I had her in my arms holding her and that’s where she passed away,” Cinda Frazier, Misty’s mother, said.

“I don’t see what she would have a purpose for doing it. Why take one of the kid’s lives and not the other, ” Frazier said. “I just cannot believe it.”

Kathleen Tafta lived with her mother, grandparents and siblings.

According to court documents, investigators said as the mother of 8-year-old girl, “Frazier knowingly acted in a manner that created a substantial risk to her physical safety by giving her non-prescribed Amitriptyline pills over a prolonged period of time which subsequently caused toxic blood levels and resulted in her death.”

Amitriptyline is an antidepressant.

The affidavit said on September 29th, 2016, paramedics rushed Kathleen to the hospital for a seizure. Misty Frazier provided “false information to medical personnel that her daughter received an Amitriptyline prescription from another doctor. It was determined her condition was not a seizure and was likely related to Amitriptyline. Doctors told her to reduce the dosage amount.”

October 19th, Kathleen died of a drug overdose. The medical examiner reported ” to achieve the toxicity levels found inside Kathleen’s system, she had to receive the Amitriptyline regularly over a prolonged period of time.”

The court documents also show during an interview with investigators in December, Frazier “eventually began to cry and admitted she had been giving her daughter Amitriptyline pills from an old medication.”

Misty’s father James Frazier believes it was an accident.

“She was wrong for giving her the medications. She never intended for any harm to come to come to Kadie,” he said.

John Tafta, Jr with his daughter, Kathleen.

Kathleen’s father lives in Adel, Iowa and is estranged from Misty Frazier and her family.

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