Mobility Taxi Apps Business Travelers Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Those who travel frequently for business have been putting their phones to work for them for over a decade. Android and iPhone, as well as military applications available in each, took the mobile connectivity to a whole new level. There are some new and essential apps available for business travelers that are designed for your experience more efficient and productive mobile office. Here are three applications that you do not have to travel outside.

Magic Taxi

Magic Taxi offers taxi reservation online, eliminating the need to make a phone call and the unfortunate mixed signals on exactly where it will be picked up. Other features include tracking, online payment of taxi arrival integrated credit card and e-bill service charge transportation costs. Taxi Magic Online supports 75 industry leaders taxi services in 40 major U.S. cities, with other companies, and cities through the “tap to call” service if you are outside of the main area of coverage.

TripTracker and TripTrcker Pro

TripTracker and TripTracker Profree and $ 0.99, respectively, provides business travelers with updates in real-time weather conditions at the time of departure and arrival, as well as related flight delays. TripTracker easily track and hotel confirmation information and car rental also provides maps and routes to and from the airport and the hotel. This app has been a great help for users and has received praise for the show. Fox News, CNET and PC Magazine all TripTracker called simple, easy and very useful.

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