Mobile Video Conferencing In Business

Entry of the smart phone into the marketplace has taken mobile technology as a storm. The ability of the smart phone to add third-party applications makes it different from a normal mobile. Carrying a  smart phone device means carrying all the consumer-oriented functions such as video games, HD camera, music set, a mobile TV along with the connectivity to inter net, enabling to send, check and receive emails, a video recorder to record the event in any conference and ability to open office applications.

Smartphones are reaching the point where they are becoming primary computing devices. Having both front and back cameras make consumers able to connect to any conferences live, using video conferencing. Business people can connect to any conference from anywhere in the world not required to be in front of the PC or at office. It has become  a requirement in businesses whether small or medium sized, business video conferencing has become an office tool. With the advent of smart phones to work and be connect in the corporate world there is an increasing tendency seen in the employees to have their own devices, Bring your own device(BYOD) started achieving prominence. Business organizations started issuing mobiles to keep the employees connected 24/7. In an environment where the business networks are spread out across the world connecting through mobile is easy, why not conferencing.

Mobile Video conferencing is more a successful business idea as it is easier to carry a smartphone than a laptop. Connecting through smartphone means never missing any meeting with clients whether far or near, health and bad weather reasons cannot now, anymore cancel any discussions.

It is mobile age, where 4 out 5 people use smartphones for shopping online, the younger generation are smarter and fast learners of technology, their usage and understanding of apps is higher. When they graduate from college and join any business organization, the organization gets manpower who are already…

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