Mobile CCTV Security Camera for Vehicles

Increasing traffic and congested roads has given a better chance for thefts regarding vehicles which are increasing day-by-day. There is a need to stop these thefts, attacks on vehicles, careless drivers who cause an accident and escape.  All these can be identified and prevented by using the security cameras. Cameras work more efficiently when used with sticky pods if they are attached to trucks, cars, air planes, or any other vehicles.

Mobile CCTV:

Mobile CCTV help to provide protection, when vehicles are inactive that is when they are parked or when they are busy at work. Fleet vehicles which remain on the road for more time, requires increased safety as probability of meeting an accident is more for these vehicles. Hence the increased safety and security for fleet vehicles is provided by this CCTV technology which also leads to reduction of total fleet costs.

Mobile CCTV is not only used for fleet vehicles but also helpful for other vehicles such as buses, taxis, trains, trams, plant machinery, taxis and private hire vehicles, haulage vehicles. Other helpful features of mobile CCTV technology includes monitoring the road ahead, preventing the theft of goods and tools. Video transmission, GPS tracking are also available with these systems. All these features demonstrate the versatility of this CCTV technology, which increases the safety and security of the vehicles.

Rear view cameras or reversing cameras are one of the types of video cameras which are manufactured to maintain back up, at the rear of the vehicle. As the image is flipped horizontally, an auto back up camera is different from other types of cameras. Hence the mirror image of the actual image being captured becomes the output. The auto back up camera is offered as an option by automobile manufacturers on most sports utility vehicles and also on standard passenger trucks. As these types of packages are expensive, these are not accepted by many drivers. Rather, they choose to add these…

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