Mobile Car And Truck Washing Vehicle Placement

Their maximum potential profits and dollars in a mobile wash business worth installing in your mind in advance the best and most strategic parking, before stopping to wash. You obviously want to park their equipment in a location that allows you to make as many cars as possible without moving the vehicle. For example, say the water pipe is a hundred meters, but the vacuum tube is only ten meters, so if you have four cars in the area and the other is empty, the park closest to that car. This way you can wash four cars without moving the vehicle or roll up the tubes, thereby maximizing performance.


When washing fleets such as Rent-A-Car companies, it is important to park in the center of corridors to parking. That way you can use a vacuum hose 45 feet to clear a 90 ft line of cars on both sides without moving the vehicle. 180 feet of the vehicle to the average width of the parking area is twenty-seven feet without moving car. This is a very effective use of strategic parking. The same idea can be used in washing fleets: Postal jeeps, trucks, vans phone cable, taxi companies, water companies, municipal fleets.

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