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We move on now to a reunion expected later this morning for a teenager who went missing in Florida. Caitlyn Frisina was found thousands of miles away from home in New York with a high school soccer coach. Her parents flying out to bring her home and Ron is back with the latest on how they were found. Ron. Yeah, that multistate search for the couple drew national attention. It all ended after an alert new York state trooper spotted the pair in a car that they were riding in ending the week-long manhunt. Rian, why didn’t you tell Caitlyn’s parents? Reporter: A Florida high school soccer coach in jail accused of running off with a 17-year-old student. He obviously knew we were looking for him. Reporter: Caitlyn Frisina, a senior at Rodriguez’s school disappeared a week ago climbing out of her bedroom window in Lake City, Florida. Police say leaving behind her cell phone, wiped clean. These surveillance images showing her and the 27-year-old boys soccer coach at her school. At a gas station in south Carolina then a pawnshop in North Carolina. Police finally tracking them down Friday evening in north Syracuse, New York state pulling over a red Mercury with Florida plates matching the description of the vehicle they were believed to be driving. The car was then pinned by our vehicle, along with the FBI we were able to take him at gunpoint taken into custody without any incident. Reporter: The teen is reportedly safe and being held until her parents arrive. They’re ready to get their daughter home traveling up there to reunite with her and they can start the healing process. Reporter: Rodriguez has been charged as a fugitive of justice. The FBI and the U.S. Attorneys office will consider additional charges. Taking an underage across state lines you’re looking at federal charges and state charges. Two different departments. Two different laws. Caitlyn’s parents concede in THR words to some degree their daughter left on her own but also say she was lied to and misled. Florida law enforcement officials they are now headed to upstate New York to question the suspect, Rodriguez. Lots of questions about what these two were headed to do and — Where they were going. Yeah, where they were going and thankfully the parents relieved she’s safe. They will meet with her later today. All right. Thank you, Ron.

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