Minto residents continue to help each other as Foodland’s future discussed – New Brunswick

While there is a lot of talk on the streets about the future of Minto’s burned-down Foodland, one thing is certain: residents continue to lend each other a hand.

Donald Gould, mayor the village about 50 kilometres east of Fredericton, said Monday that demand has been low for volunteers to transport people to grocery stores in other areas.

“We have the system all set up to take people at least to Chipman to get basic needs,” Gould said, but hardly anyone has taken up the offer.

He said this is because Minto residents have been doing their best to help each other since the village’s only grocery store burned to the ground in early June.

“Family, friends, neighbours are taking care of those that don’t have transportation,” he said.

“Minto has been known over the years to support people that are in need and, in this case here, I mean, we’re looking at basic staples, food, and people care about each other and I think are responding to help each other.”

Even before the flames were out at Minto’s only grocery store, residents were figuring out ways to help people who wouldn’t be able to reach stores in neighbouring communities. (Kyle Powers)

Kim Thornton, director of nursing at the W.G. Bishop Nursing Home in Minto, said the home’s shuttle service for seniors didn’t need to take any of the four trips it had planned. Only one call has come in.

“What we’re surmising is that [from] the date of the fire, all the residents were probably good for groceries,” she said.

“And, I mean, it’s so new, probably family and friends are really stepping up.”

Everybody do your share

Shauna Selig, communications manager for Sobeys Atlantic, said in an email that “good news” and next steps for Minto’s Foodland could be decided as early as Tuesday.

As conversations about the store have moved forward, so have efforts to rid the village of any remnants of the fire.

Shaun Gallagher of Donegal Ltd., the company that owns the property…

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