Mining Industry Prepares To Take Challenge

The rising oil price over the past few days has become a hot topic among people all over the world.Chinaand other major energy customers have to face the tough challenge of the high flushing fuel price.

The National Development and Reform Commission of China announced to raise fuel price from 20, March. Gasoline and diesel price increase to 600 Yuan per ton and it means china fuel price reaches up to “eight Yuan”, creating a new record. With the fluctuation in fuel market,Chinawas forced to raise their oil price.

Some economists forecast that oil price inChinahas risen rapidly. Let’s look at it inBeijing. The price of No.93 gasoline only spends 540 days in climbing from six Yuan to seven Yuan. What’s more, it takes only one hundred days shorter to mount from seven Yuan to eight Yuan. People didn’t think the largest increase and widest range. It is really rare in recent years.

As we know, the increasing fuel prices, legislation, looming carbon taxes and community demands for the operation bring a lot of limitations for many mining industries. About this hard situation, what do you think should be done?

Only by changing the traditional material consumption of diesel and finding a more scientific alternative tool, could people survive. Changing the previous automobile transportation into electric drive track is a good idea. As the primary equipment of mining enterprises, it’s suggested they should use energy-efficient new ceramic valve equipment to replace the traditional metal ones.

Mining enterprises can use DSMATERIAL ceramic valves in mining processing. It’s characterized by high efficiency and low energy consumption. What’s more, DSMATERIAL produces many kinds of ceramic valves to satisfy the demands of users, such as ceramic gate valve, ceramic ball valve, ceramic butterfly valve, ceramic check valve, ceramic globe valve, ceramic control valve. Compared with the conventional metal valves, its working life can reach up to 12 years, while its energy…

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