MINHAS KITCHEN + WINE + SPIRITS goes cashless and causes a stir.

Join us at Minhas Kitchen WINE + SPIRITS + FOOD in Monroe, Wisconsin!

Ms. Manjit Minhas, owner of the newly added Minhas Kitchen + Wine + Spirits (MKWS) announced today that effective immediately, the establishment has gone cashless and that it will only take credit and debit cards. She also added that, to the best of her knowledge, hers is the first and only establishment of its kind that has gone cashless in this region of the Midwest.

Ms. Minhas said that since its opening 2 weeks ago. MKWS has had an unbelievable response from the customers and that things were “crazy busy” with long lineups and she has had to turn away customers. She added that this was a necessary move in order to maintain the quality of food and service. It simplifies the operations as the staff do not have to deal with cash and that going cashless was safer for the overworked staff as well as safer for the community in general.

Manjit added that while there has been a number of positive responses, she is stunned by the amount of condemnation and criticism she has received on the social media on its FaceBook page. Here are some examples of the criticism she has received on FaceBook:

  •     Wow! What a load of crap. Wait until the first time the credit card machine fails.
  •     Well guess I won’t be going there I only use cash !!! And just for that I will not buy anymore products from there
  •     Huge mistake! Not everyone has checking accounts or credit cards!
  •     Huge mistake. Looked forward to eating here but that has now changed.
  •     In a small town like Monroe , I’m afraid you are eliminating a large portion of potential customers
  •     You really won’t accept cash? Guess I won’t be eating there
  •     Canadian theory’s aren’t gonna play in Swiss land They’re all millionaires with rolls of cash in their pockets
  •     Just heard about this place today and wanted to try it. Oh, well…plenty of other good places to eat in the area!
  •     Do customers need to get a microchip implant also…?? This is an incredibly poor business decision.
  •     Dumbest thing I’ve seen hope it’s not true I eat in Monroe a lot but I pay cash
  •     Heck! Wow that’s sad ! Now we won’t be coming to eat there and we…

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