Milk Sharing” Offers The First Marketplace App For Safe Breast Milk In San Francisco, Chicago And New York.

BBy – Milk Sharing available now for iPhone, iPad and Android

BBy, the physician-created app that establishes a safe and reliable marketplace for breast milk, today announced its expansion into the San Francisco market. Available now, San Francisco will serve as the third market for BBy in addition to Chicago and New York. It is the first app to provide a regulated marketplace for breast milk.

Available on iOS and Android, BBy’s app will support both nursing mothers and new parents in the San Francisco metro area. Parents who are interested in feeding their child natural breast milk, but are unable to produce milk themselves, can access local, rigorously tested supply through the app. Nursing mothers with an excess supply can sign up on the app and, once approved by BBy’s team, be matched with potential buyers. BBy is the only physician approved marketplace that ensures all sellers are prescreened and free of transmittable diseases, including: HIV, Hepatitis, TORChES and more. After successfully matching, each milk delivery is conducted by the donor, fostering a sense of community and inter-personal relationship.

“The idea for BBy was forged in light of my experience as a doctor, reflecting my understanding of the health benefits breast milk provides to infants,” said Dr. Vansh Langer, founder and CEO of BBy. “Every parent who wants to provide their child with the natural benefits of breast milk should be able to do so.”

Yet, finding a safe supply can be quite difficult. BBy’s app provides parents access to safe and rigorously tested breast milk, while creating an opportunity for nursing mothers to provide nutrients to other children and generate extra income. BBy was created with one goal in mind: to help families access natural breast milk in a safe and affordable manner.”

The concept was born in Chicago, where Dr. Langer worked with adoptive parents to nurse their threeweek- old baby back to health. Dr. Langer asked another mother to give the baby her breast milk – which she previously had not had access to – and, the active immunities in the milk helped her make a full recovery. Dr. Langer noticed that supply and availability of natural breast milk was a top concern for new parents not producing…

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