Mike Lee and Lane Beattie: Collaboration is our blueprint for success

Hans Koepsell, Deseret News

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, meets with reporters and members of the editorial board at the Deseret News and KSL in Salt Lake City, Monday, Aug. 29, 2016.

More often than not innovative solutions, brilliant ideas, breakthroughs and discoveries are attributed to the work of a singular individual. But in many cases they are a result of teamwork and collaboration.

Take for example Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Even one of the greatest minds in history knew he needed to collaborate with others to find the answers. In 1913, Einstein collaborated with Marcel Grossmann to publish the “Sketch of a Generalized Theory of Relativity and a Theory of Gravitation” — the precursor to the Einstein’s final theory of general relativity.

Collaboration is a powerful tool. This is something Utahns have known for generations. Here in the Beehive State, we have learned that success truly comes when there is collaboration and effort on all sides. Our strength as a state is found in our ability to work together — that’s the Utah way.

We know that some of the best solutions come when the business community, lawmakers, and community partners come together and formulate a vision of what Utah can be. It’s the reason why we join together every year to host the Utah Solutions Summit.

This forum for collaboration has delivered tangible and real results for Utahns. In its first year, Utah’s Solutions Summit focused on regulatory reform — allowing business leaders and government officials to come together to discuss the vast regulatory state in an effort to find solutions to the government-imposed burdens on economic development.

As a result of these conversations, and others, the Salt Lake Chamber collaborated with Gov. Gary Herbert’s office, Utah League of Cities and Towns and Utah…

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