‘Midnight, Texas’ Canceled Or Renewed For Season 2?

It’s already been two months since “Midnight, Texas” ended its freshman run, but NBC has yet to announce whether the supernatural drama will return for Season 2. While the network’s silence about the fate of the series is worrisome, there’s one hopeful sign that fans haven’t seen the last of Manfred and his crew.

According to TVLine, the Peacock Network is in discussions with key cast members about a potential second season.

Although the series has yet to be renewed for another season, executive producer Monica Owusu-Breen already has plans in place for the potential sophomore run.

In an interview with TVLine last September, Owusu-Breen said that Season 2 will explore the effects of Manfred’s (François Arnaud) decision to ingest multiple evil spirits to defeat Colcannar. “Manfred took an enormous risk doing that,” Owusu-Breen said. “What does it mean to take on evil, even if you’re doing that for good? I think that’s a question that Manfred, knock on wood, will be exploring next season.”

Owusu-Breen also revealed that fans could expect Bobo (Dylan Bruce) and Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) to be still together at the beginning of the potential new season. “Bobo and Fiji have suffered so much [in Season 1 that] they deserve to not immediately break up,” the exec producer told TV Insider. “But Bobo has a neo-Nazi family out there, and there’s violence in that man we haven’t explored much. He can be pretty dark!”

As for newlyweds Lem (Peter Mensah) and Olivia (Arielle Kebbel), Owusu-Breen said that the latter’s complicated past may cause trouble in their marriage. “Olivia has a past of abject horror and abuse,” Owusu-Breen said of the freelance assassin. “And though Lem can leech her pain away for a while, it doesn’t stop it. If we’re lucky enough to get a second season, there’s lot to explore with [the theme of] what does it mean to be married when one character has so much pain and unresolved history?”

Arnaud confirmed to SYFY WIRE that Olivia’s father is paying Madonna (Kellee Stewart) to spy on Olivia and make sure that she doesn’t suddenly vanish. Although Madonna seems to have a lot of affection for the Midnighters, Owusu-Breen said that the diner manager has her own “dark backstory.” “There’s an Olivia/ Madonna story that’s begging to be told,” said the exec producer.

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