Michigan’s Largest Alcoholic Beverage Wholesaler Taps Halo for Data Warehouse and Analytics Technology

Halo was able to get a functioning data warehouse up and running and has canned dashboards well-suited for our industry

Today Halo announced that Great Lakes Wine & Spirits has licensed Halo Data Warehousing (Halo DW), an innovative data warehouse accelerator and automation platform that enables today’s agile businesses and delivers reliability, data governance and data quality. In addition to Halo DW, the partnership includes implementation services and data visualization tools to automate graphing, charting, slicing, sorting and drill-down analysis.

Based in Highland Park, Mich., Great Lakes Wine & Spirits employs more than 1,100 people and serves all 83 of the state’s counties. In June 2016, the company’s management team identified the need for improved information architecture, including a modern data warehouse, as part of dual initiatives to improve operations and sales effectiveness. Primary selection criteria for the data warehouse were:

● Ability to enforce data governance standards and role-based access to customer information

● Low burden on IT – easy to maintain, modify and adapt to changes in the business

● Ability to leverage existing technology investments

● Ease of use

● Automated reports and alerts

Furthermore, according to Great Lakes’ sales management team, field reps needed real-time access to account-level information during sales calls, including trending revenue dollars and case volume, incentive eligibility, stock-outs with replacement options, product penetration and returns/spoils. Halo was chosen for its ability to quickly stand up a modern, flexible data warehouse and deliver critical customer metrics to the field via device-independent Business Analytics tools.

“Because Great Lakes decided to separate the data warehouse portion of this project from the Business Intelligence piece, Halo’s flexibility became very attractive to them. They could move with confidence, knowing that downstream they would have the option to use existing visualization tools or explore new ones,” said Keith Peterson, President and CEO, Halo.

Great Lakes continues to operate with a best-of-breed approach, and is comfortable using a variety of tools in addition to Halo to support its reporting needs….

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