Michael McDonald comes to Costa Mesa on Sunday with his first album of original songs in 17 years soon to follow – Orange County Register

Singer Michael McDonald is having a moment in 2017, this after a career in Steely Dan, as front man for the Doobie Brothers, as a solo artist, filled with highlights and hits.

You only had to witness the reaction of fans at Coachella in April – most of them not alive when McDonald’s career took off in the ’70s – as the 65-year-old rock and soul singer slipped on stage to sit in with the eclectic young bassist and singer Thundercat to see there’s a deep reservoir of love and affection for McDonald and his sophisticated style of music.

He’s set to release “Wide Open,” his first new album of all original songs in 17 years in September, with a few of its tracks certain to be included when he plays the Pacific Amphitheatre on Sunday. So when you catch him near his home in Santa Barbara and ask him how life is these days his answer feels apt.

“Standing here at the beach,” McDonald says. “Couldn’t be better, actually.”

“Wide Open” is a strong new album, McDonald’s signature voice in fine form, the songs and production capturing his classic sound while remaining fresh, not dated. It emerged only slowly, though, McDonald says, demos he wrote and recorded over maybe eight years or more while releasing…

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