Mice Repellent Is Safer, Easier, More Humane Than Trapping

While many people think that mice, squirrels, raccoons and other wild animals are cute, thank goodness for mice repellent because when they’re nesting in your attic or your car, these creatures suddenly aren’t quite so adorable. Traps are the brute force reaction to an infestation by unwelcome wildlife, but many traps are not humane and they may upset people. Not to mention the fact that you have to monitor the traps once set and either relocate the captured animals, or dispose of the dead ones. Poisons and baits are awfully extreme and both of these methods pose a potential risk to children. When I get the call from a homeowner in our complex about unwanted visitors, I prefer to use skunk repellent or whatever “flavor” of repellent is called for.

In particular, I turn to Shake-Away. It’s 100% organic and all natural, safe to use, easy, and the lowest maintenance method of getting rid of unwelcome pests that I know of. It’s even guaranteed effective. Unlike other types of mice repellent that utilize substances that can be toxic to plants, people and pets, Shake-Away granules contain the scent of two of the most voracious natural predators of mice: the Bobcat and Fox.

Mice detect the smell of these predators and instinctively avoid the area. No more chewing wires, leaving little surprises behind, frightening residents or giving the appearance that a home is not well kept or clean. An application of the granules around the area of infestation and mice stay away. While Shake-Away emits a powerful odor from the perspective of the animals, humans can’t detect it (unless you take a whiff right from the open container or use it in an enclosed, high traffic area). Placed close to your nose, it smells something like sulfur, but when sprinkled in a garden, attic, basement, or on a deck or garden, it’s undetectable. There are variations of Shake-Away that are specially formulated to work with a wide range of nuisance creatures, so you can buy squirrel…

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