Mi3 Security And Koodous Announce Mobile App Security Partnership

“We are very pleased with this key strategic relationship between Mi3 Security and Koodous,” said Kevin Mullenex, CEO of Mi3 Security

Mi3 Security https://www.mi3security.com, the leader in enterprise Mobile Risk Management (MRM) and Koodous https://koodous.com, the collaborative platform that combines the power of online analysis tools with social interactions to develop a threat database for Android platforms, announced today a strategic mobile security partnership that provides mobile app developers with a comprehensive approach to identify and mitigate mobile apps against security and privacy risks with nonstop protection. The complementary approaches leverage intelligent, autonomic cloud based mobile app risk identification and analysis from Mi3 Security and the socially networked community of volunteer analysts from Koodous to achieve quick identification, reporting, and mitigation of a wide range of risks, including the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 Mobile Risks for 2017.

Koodous has already catalogued more than 21 million Android Packages (APKs). Its advanced online analysis platform gathers all the content and behavioral information of these samples. These reports are then made available to several hundreds of experts within the Koodous community, who rank each URL and APK to declare it to be good or bad. This approach has already helped Koodous to grow its threat intelligence more rapidly and more fluidly than conventional antivirus programs. Due to the great amount of samples and reports, the next step for Koodous was to achieve better coverage over its dataset’s ratings across the board, a capability that Mi3 Security brings to the table. Mi3 Security has developed advanced machine learning technology to quickly analyze Android mobile apps and others, to declare them “In or Out” in terms of acceptable intelligent risk. Mi3 Security’s technology also supplies a security and privacy score for each app. Access to the huge database of APKs built up by Koodous allows Mi3 Security to further train its machine learning algorithms, continually refining and enhancing the capabilities of the technology.

“We are very pleased with this key strategic relationship between Mi3 Security…

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