Mexico earthquake: Rescuers desperately searching for survivors in collapsed school

WATCH Rescuers desperately searching for survivors in collapsed school in Mexico City

Rescuers continue to frantically dig through the rubble of a collapsed school in Mexico City a day after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck, killing hundreds.

Neighbors, police, soldiers and firefighters alike could be seen forming an assembly line tirelessly clawing through the cinderblock and rebar that once made up a wing of the Enrique Rebsamen primary and secondary schools. They, along with anxious parents, are holding out hopes after some families said they received text messages from relatives trapped beneath the debris, according to The Associated Press.

So far, the bodies of 21 children and four adults have been discovered at the site, Mexico’s Education Minister Aurelio Nuno said. Eleven people have been rescued, and three people are still missing — two children and a teacher.

SLIDESHOW: Pictures from the Mexico earthquake and the race for survival


Carlos Jasso/Reuters
Rescue workers remove a dead body after searching through rubble in a a search for students at Enrique Rebsamen school in Mexico City, Mexico, Sept. 20, 2017.

On Wednesday, rescue dogs, as well as harnessed workers wearing helmets, formed bucket brigades, passing up pieces of debris as they searched for survivors.

At one point, the rescue crews dropped listening devices into a hole amid the rubble of the collapsed structure and attempted to send in a rescue dog to sniff for survivors.

A flurry of activity was concentrated under a white canopy erected over the hole.

ABC News’ Matt Gutman witnessed the rescuers working from a rooftop in direct eyeshot of the hole. Every few minutes, he said, the near silence is punctuated by whistles demanding silence, the call for dogs and screams for doctors. The Herculean effort is being performed before hundreds of people thronged a block away, according to Gutman.

Miguel Tovar/AP
Volunteers and rescue workers search for children trapped inside the Enrique Rebsamen school after an earthquake in southern Mexico City, Sept. 20, 2017.

In between the pockets of quiet, a generator’s drone can be heard under the repetitive clanking of shopping carts caused by strangers delivering food and water to rescuers, furnishing them with bottles of water and tortillas.

A 13-year-old boy named Rogelio Heredia who managed to claw his way out of the debris told Televisa it felt “like a dream.” He described scaling a wall that had collapsed to get to safety on the…

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