Mexico City earthquakes puts world’s bravest and best dogs in spotlight

Natural disasters bring out the best in mankind — and its best friend.

It can be seen in neighbour who patrols their streets after major flooding, looking for stranded volunteers. I can be seen in the shop owner who opens his store as a shelter for displaced people. And, it can be seen in the good dogs who help find people trapped in rubble after hurricanes.

After the 7.1 magnitude earthquake near Mexico City hit, leaving hundreds dead, search and rescue teams leaned on their furry, four legged friends to find people stranded under collapsed buildings. Equipped with goggles and canine tactical vests, the hounds saved dozens of lives.

Take, for instance, Frida. This dog, a part of the Mexican Navy’s Canine Unit, has been helping search through concrete and rubble there, and has helped rescue at least 53 people. That came just a two weeks after the country’s most recent major earthquake, when she saved 12 lives.

The Labrador is being celebrated for her valiant efforts, as are the many other canines searching through the destroyed homes and neighbourhoods in the area. 

Other dogs are getting their moment in the spotlight, too. Just as some people are being saved by dogs, so too are some dogs being saved by people. And, those dogs are getting just as much recognition in videos on social media and elsewhere. Take a look below for some of the highlights and tributes.

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