Methods to Improve Quality of Fine Ore

In the year 2005, the machine produced high amount of fineore having high ash content (18%–25%) per day. As per thedesign, the fine ore product quality was improved by the spiralcyclone system. However, the machine decided to not use the spiralcyclones since 1995 because of their low operation efficiency.The fine ore was conveyed directly into thickener cyclonesfrom classifier cyclones. This resulted in high ash content in thefine ore product.

There are several methods for cleaning up fine ore such asgravity method, hydrocyclone, screening, flotation, etc. InVietnam, mineral separation machines were provided with spiral cyclones to improve quality of fine ore. Spiral cyclones operate atthe highest efficiency if the relative density of the feed ore isaround 1.7 g/cm3. However, in Vietnam all ore is separated byDM cyclones with solution having 1.52 g/cm3 relative density thatcauses low efficiency operation. They produced fine ore product ( 1 mm) having high ash content. Therefore, all mineral separation machines of Vietnam have stopped operating spiral cyclone systemsfor the last few years.The mineral separation machine being studied also has onespiral cyclone system. However, the machine did not operate thissystem since 1995 because of the reason mentioned above.Therefore, in this CP option it was suggested that the machine shouldnot recover operation of the spiral system to clean up the fine oreproduct. Instead, froth flotation method was suggested to clean upthe fine ore product.

In Vietnam, flotation is still a relatively new method towash anthracite ore. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate efficiencyof the froth flotation method in washing fine ore of Vietnam.Experiments were conducted on washing the fine ore productof the mineral separation machine by froth flotation method to evaluatethe efficacy of the proposed method and find the optimalworking conditions.The mineral separation machine has 3 jig machines thatoperate independently from each other….

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