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Merkel’s days at the helm of Europe could be over as the Commission backed Macron’s reform

Mrs Merkel is not sold on the raft of European monetary reforms the French President has proposed but Brussels officials have thrown their weight behind Mr Macron. 

His proposals include the creation of a eurozone parliament and finance minister, and of a European Monetary Fund that will help out members and banks that are in trouble financially.

But in a blow to Mrs Merkel, the German Chancellor’s disapproval means little to the EU Commission it seems, as it backed Mr Macron’s plans despite her known dissent.

The move has been taken as a sign that her huge influence over the bloc is dwindling as leaders across the continent watch her struggle to form a government.

A German MEP has now called on Mrs Merkel to back the reforms, to bring “more democracy and stability” to the European Union.

Sven Giegold, who speaks for the EFA Group of Green MPs on economic policy, said: “The EU Commission supports Macron’s course instead of Merkel’s despondency. 

“The German government should take the EU Commission’s proposal as an opportunity to end its blockade. Europe needs results instead of hesitation. 

“We now have a constructive proposal on the table. Only through more investments and more democracy will the eurozone become fit for the future.”


Angela Merkel could stand to lose her huge power within the EU

Mr Giegold said the proposals were not perfect, and claimed the EMF plans would mean it was too tightly controlled by national governments. He believes it should be a more independent body.

However he said it was “right” that structural reform was taking place and particularly welcomed the creation of a euro finance minister.

Mr Giegold said: “It is now Merkel’s turn to respond. The German government should finally join the course of Macron and the EU Commission. Germany’s refusal to act threatens the stability of Europe.”

The Chancellor’s likely coalition partners in the next government, the SPD, have also backed Mr Macron’s proposals.


Merkel and Macron are jostling for power within the EU


The good relationship between the two leaders has become a rivalry

And the SPD’s Europe spokesperson, Axel Schäfer, the SPD backed strong parliaments and democratisation of the eurozone, while Mrs Merkel preferred to take decisions unilaterally.

He said: “We in the SPD are not so much about…

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