Mentally Ill Or Not, Donald Trump Has Proven He Is Far From ‘Stable’

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Donald Trump and his White House, reeling from depictions in Michael Wolff’s instant bestseller Fire and Fury, were desperate this week to show that the president is in command and mentally fit, following up on Trump’s tweet in response to the book last weekend claiming he is a “stable genius.”

The administration even put on a show in the form of a televised meeting with lawmakers about the DACA program and immigration on Tuesday. It was a show that had a few pundits and White House reporters, once again, cooing about Trump’s “capability,” which some of them implied disproved the allegations in the book ― largely because they’ve lowered the bar so much for Trump. This, even though Trump contradicted himself throughout the meeting, baffling viewers about his actual positions, and sending conservative commentators into a tailspin when he appeared to side momentarily with Democrats on comprehensive immigration reform.

Near the weeks’s end, however, Trump undid whatever little bit of rehabilitation he had achieved, when, according to people in the room, including Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), the president railed against immigrants from “shithole countries” and said that he preferred immigrants from places “like Norway.” (The White House didn’t deny the report, first published in The Washington Post Thursday afternoon, though over 18 hours later Trump suggested it wasn’t true in a tweet.) The blow up occurred at a bipartisan private meeting of lawmakers on Thursday in which Trump clearly couldn’t control his contempt for people of color. He proved himself to be every bit like the depictions of him in Fire and Fury.

The debate about Trump’s emotional stability ended a long time ago.

Too many people, including many in the media and even Trump himself, have confused mental impairment and emotional stability.

People can of course be mentally ill and yet quite stable. And there are many people who aren’t in any way mentally impaired, but are highly emotionally unstable ― prone to outbursts, impulsiveness, temper tantrums and other erratic behavior that often displays their anger, resentment and animus toward groups or individuals.

In Fire And Fury, Wolff quoted people in the White House calling Trump an “idiot” and a “moron.” He wrote that people around Trump describe him as as being “like a child” and that “100 percent” of them believe he is not “fit”…

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