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I was in London all week so little different temperature. Working. Working, yeah, covering the story that’s been on the cover of every British newspaper, the soon-to-be American princess, a hit in the uk, Meghan Markle and prince Harry out on official business together just days after the announcement of a may wedding, the crowds going wild over the lovebirds. While excited crowds gathers to greet prince Harry and Meghan Markle at their first official event as a couple, the world witnessed the future princess confidently step into her royal role for the first time. She was indidelightful. Reporter: Charming fans with handshakes and smiles, Meghan stops to pick up someone’s glove. Harry has a bit of fun with this child. The couple seemed at ease just days after their wedding announcement with the look of love. Even holding hands, a rarity for Royals. It is unusual for us to see members of the royal family being so affectionate. Reporter: The pair on royal business appearing at a world AIDS day event, a cause close to Harry’s heart and his mother princess Diana’s legacy. We heard earlier in the week he was going to be accompanied by Ms. Markle so were delighted to well chem them here out. She app@ared to handle it with grace perhaps prepared by time on the red carpet. I think she’s being received really well by the British public. Reporter: The two visit a school leaving an unforgettable impression with students and staff. I think we all will remember this day for many years to come. You can see why they’re a couple, very down to Earth. They’re reportedly going to be touring the next six month, traveling so that Megan can learn more about the country. However, there’s still a lot of curiosity about where she will be for Christmas. Will be the queen’s sandringham estate or a holiday in the caribbean. First world problems. I’m not really one to fall into the, you know — The royal frenzy. You’re into it, aren’t you? This one I like. You’re a convert. Good. I like Harry a lot. It’s cool and she represents a modernization of this royal family. And she is an American princess, the first since grace Kelly. It’s okay to like princesses, it’s all right. Says the father of a daughter, 5-year-old girl. You are the most experienced one here. You are my prince. A serious story to tell you

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