MedTech Momentum Unveils its New “Video Production Studio” for Medical Companies

Videos are the preferred method of gaining knowledge and sharing information in the medical world.

MedTech Momentum, Inc. ( a full-service Medical Marketing Agency, with a unique expertise in emotional branding and inbound marketing, announced today that it has launched a new Video Production Studio, dedicated to serving the needs of Medical Companies in the US and around the world, looking for high-quality video content.

The MedTech Momentum Video Production Studio covers the whole range of videos, from clips to long-form features, including corporate videos, sales or scientific events, content videos series, case studies, testimonials, training videos, social media campaign videos, explainer videos, product videos and more.

“Medical Device companies already know that to scale and succeed, they need to deploy a marketing strategy that educates and informs their audience with an emotional touch; nothing does that better than Video Marketing”, said Guillaume Viallaneix, MedTech Momentum, Founder and President. “With the online and social media revolution, sustainable success is not about pitching “features & benefits” over and over; it is about nurturing your audience with a marketing engine fueled by helpful content across the full marketing spectrum. This is what Video Marketing is about… this is why we created the MedTech Momentum Studio. Our goal is not just to produce high-quality videos, it is to ensure that they will be used strategically to achieve our client’s business objectives.”

People love videos! In 2017, they have become the preferred method of gaining knowledge and sharing information in the medical world. The numbers speak for themselves – YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google, with over 30 million visitors per day; videos are shared 1,200 more times than links and text post combined; and integrating videos into email marketing campaigns increases the click-through rates by 96%.

“Up to now, medical companies had very limited options in terms of videos,” said Douglas Loran, Director of the Video Production Studio at MedTech Momentum. “They either worked with low-cost, but amateurish, local production companies, or…

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