Media Funding Group Announces Successful Completion of the Initial Baristas White Coffee Test Campaign Garnering 4X Sales to Dollars Spent Ratio

Media Funding Group announced today that they have completed the initial testing phase of advertising placements for the Baristas White Coffee ad campaign of the publicly traded Baristas Coffee Company, (OTCPK:BCCI)

Baristas Coffee Company who utilized less than 2% of the $2 million dollars of its’ ad placement funding during the initial stage, completed the testing phase for the month of July with better than expected results. The testing stage is imperative to determine the viability of the product to a mass market, demographics that perform the best, and to shape future campaigns. Baristas White Coffee single serve cups has dramatically surpassed industry standards.

The campaigns which delivered the Baristas White Coffee advertising on a variety of Television and Radio broadcast platforms as an initial test phase to determine market acceptance both geographically and demographically produced sales results almost twice the normal product campaign metrics .

Results were very promising returning a 4x sales to ad spend multiplier which is considered an exceptional conversion ratio especially for a new product.

The above average sales resulted from a demographic profile which was much broader than expected resulting in a significantly increased conversion rate than originally anticipated.

The results of this very successful test allows us to immediately move forward with the broad reaching campaign planned for Baristas White Coffee as well as other Baristas products on the horizon that will benefit from the name brand awareness being built.

The next phase of the advertising objective will begin immediately focusing on national product awareness as well as cooperative ad campaigns to support current distribution partners as well as ongoing discussions with additional mainstream distribution resulting from proven sales and committed marketing plans

Barry Henthorn, Baristas CEO, stated, “We always believed that if people just knew about Baristas White Coffee and were given a chance to experience this truly unique product that we would be able to gain sales and expand distribution. Media Funding Group has allowed us to experience exactly that, placing our product in the minds of consumers nationwide. All of this without us having to risk significant capital or enter into dilutive agreements. We are…

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