‘Master manipulator’: Lawyer, judge question Forseti police informant’s credibility – Saskatoon

A provincial court judge in Saskatoon describes a police informant at the centre of massive biker bust as a “master manipulator” and a “large-scale drug dealer.”

The bust, known as Project Forseti, targeted members of the Hells Angels and Fallen Saints motorcycle clubs. The informant was Noel Harder.

Forseti netted millions of dollars worth of drugs and hundreds of guns during early morning raids in January 2015. 

A written judgement in a case related to Project Forseti this week by Judge Shannon Metivier called Harder’s credibility into question.

“He is a person with little conscience who brought highly addictive and dangerous drugs into this province for financial gain,” Metivier wrote in her written judgement in the case of Clint James McLaughlin.

McLaughlin was one of the people caught up in the Forseti bust — a man with a criminal past who is already serving time for kidnapping and assault.

Project Forseti has already led to convictions.

One of them includes Rob Allen, a member of Hells Angels who has already been convicted of cocaine trafficking.

Another was Justin Smith, a member of a lower-level biker gang, the Fallen Saints, who was sent to prison for 18 years for his role in selling drugs and guns.

A host of charges against other members of the Fallen Saints, including criminal organization charges, are still before the courts.

Clint McLaughlin was charged with 17 weapons-related offences after the Forseti raids, but was found not guilty of any of those offences, at least partly because the judge said she had a hard time believing Harder’s testimony against him. (Saskatoon Police)

McLaughlin faced 17 weapons-related offences after the Forseti raids. 

Judge Metivier found him not guilty of any of the weapons offences, at least partly because she said she had a hard time believing Harder and his testimony against him. 

In fact, the judge said she had “serious concerns about the credibility or…

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