Massachusetts Criminal Offenses and how they are dealt with

There is no land on earth which has been occupied by humans but is still a crime-less territory. You can assert by saying that even animals do fight, but not the way we people do and not so cunningly at all. Criminal offenses are often more severe in nature. I am going to tell of some common criminal offenses, their consequences, and how they can be dealt with to ensure protection or mitigation of the penalties.

Drunk or Rash Driving – also known as DUI (Driving under Influences) offense, it is among the most common cause resulting into a criminal offense. The accused has to first go through Registry of Motor Vehicles hearing process, and undergo a sobriety and breathalyzer tests. If an offense is proved, the accused can be imposed penalty anything from $5k to $25k, and banning of license for a period up to 10 years or so. This is not all. The person can even be sentenced to jail for the term as long as up to 10 years. In order to present case effectively one should contact an experienced DUI lawyer in Massachusetts.

Drug Crime – There can be several instances of this crime such as Drug Possession, Drug Distribution, Drug Trafficking, Drug Manufacturing, etc. The severity of the case decides where the case will be registered. For example a Drug possession case will be dealt by a state court, but for Drug Trafficking it will be presented in the Federal Court. Be it any of the instances, it is a severe offense which one cannot escape easily from. Accordingly penalties can be very severe. An experienced lawyer can only help one in the case. This is the job of the Criminal Law, to investigate whether a seizure has been through stipulated procedures, and whether police’s action is justified in all manners.

Theft Crime – Well, it can be of any type. Miner, moderate or severe, therefore, and accordingly vary the process and penalty clauses. It can be as small as shoplifting, to as large as a bank robbery. Receiving or buying any stolen property is also a crime…

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