Marketing tips to increase your affiliate sales and profit

Even Master Marketers find the subject of writing a sales letter confusing and sometimes intimidating. There are hundreds of books and thousands of articles on the art of writing an effective sales letter, each with its own unique viewpoint. Certain authors would have you believe that writing copy is like painting by numbers: “Just follow ten easy steps and wait for the orders to come pouring in.” if life could only be that easy!

Writing a winning sales letter is getting tougher for several reasons. Competition is fierce, since more marketers are forced to compete for a slow-growing number of prospects, the scenario is worse on online marketing where there is even a stiffer competition. Con­sumers are better educated, more sophisticated, more aware of promotional strategies, and less likely to fall for hype or gross exaggeration. And advertising clutter is everywhere since pros­pects are exposed to hundreds of advertising claims daily, very few of which are actually targeted to their individual needs and desires.

The good news is that each of these problems leads to its own opportunity. A Good sales letter can definitely make your organization or online business compete successfully for your prospect’s attention and dollars. But whether you write your own sales letter or use an outside resource, you need to be able to judge its effectiveness. I believe that good copy should always meet these five criteria:

1.It works. The sales letter achieves its stated objective, whether that objective is to sell products, generate leads, acquire new members or improve your organization’s image the good copywriter always keeps his “eyes on the prize.”

2.It is targeted at the correct audience. You absolutely must understand your audience thoroughly to write good copy. Amateurs write copy first and then ask if it fits the audience. A true professional asks many questions about the audience before developing creative themes. ­

3.The sales letter advances your cause. The…

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