Marketing Automation Retainly Releases New Pricing Model

Many confuse Advertising with Marketing. Many jump into Advertising without a Marketing plan in place.

Marketing Automation Software ( Retainly today announced the release of its new pricing model which creates convenience for internet companies in different stages of maturity.

The new plans come more like a solution rather than just a feature limitation. The Retainly team realised that marketing automation is needed by all internet based companies, however, not every company needs the complete suite of its offerings. Early stage startups are more concerned about generating more leads and capturing them. These companies will not be worried about conversion of leads or even retaining customers when their primary challenge is lead generation.

Mid-stage startups, especially those that have started getting fair traffic and leads, are now concerned about converting such leads into paying customers. While these companies continue their efforts on increasing lead generation, they are also working aggressively in converting those leads.

Mature companies have a different challenge. They need to reduce customer churn and increase customer retention. They are also focused on cross-selling and up-selling to their existing customers.

Retainly’s new pricing provides greater flexibility to cater to the specific needs for all these 3 types of companies. In addition, with the logical separation of offerings, the pricing is now even more attractive than before.

The most talked about event is its launch of a Free tier which gives access to its Lead Generation plan with 2000 contacts. This is in fact really true in nature and allows everyone to be able to implement global marketing best practices at a zero investment.

Retainly Stories covers interesting topics around Remote Working (, Social Media (, Push Notification Providers (, Gmail SMTP (, Competitive Analysis (, and others.

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