Marco Rubio’s attempt to hug Ivanka Trump is peak awkward

Sometimes a photo really is worth a thousand words. 

Ivanka Trump arrived at the Capitol Tuesday morning to talk paid family leave with Sen. Marco Rubio and others, but things got a little weird before they got down to business. 

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Rubio went in for a hug from the first daughter and judging by this snap she was really not here for it. 

Seriously though, what is going on here?! 

The awkward exchange lit up the internet. Does Marco Rubio read social cues really poorly? Why does Ivanka look so done? Is this even real life?

People even riffed on the recent awkward exchange between Jerry Seinfeld and Kesha. 

There was some business conducted after the shifty hug attempt. The Trump administration is pushing for six weeks of mandatory paid family leave, according to Politico. The mandate proposed by Ivanka isn’t very popular among Republicans, but has captured support from some, including from Awkward Rubio. 

Later photos of Ivanka and Rubio don’t look nearly as awkward as their initial hug. 

Things were way less awkward after the hug.

Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock

Even though the internet can’t get over it, it seems these two have. 

UPDATE June 20th 2.23 p.m. PT: Rubio responded to the whole thing on Twitter later Tuesday with a series of lame jokes.


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